ZIOS (Zip It Out Systems)

Company Overview
ZIOS Corporation, founded in 1999, is an innovator of secure mobility solutions. We offer customized software as services, based on ZIOS's patented technology. ZIOS technology is based on open source architecture and built on proven web technologies. The company offers customized software solutions and services, specializing in secure mobility high end enterprise software. We strive to provide software that is affordable and easy to use. Our solutions are available worldwide. Our business partners include IBM and AT&T Wireless and together we provide you with a total solution.

Products & Services
ZIOS provides customized software as a service (SaaS). We are a reseller of IT products and services, wireless telecom products and services, office supplies, office equipment, office furniture, and the AbilityOne product line. We provide affordable entry level systems into software as services. These systems coexist with existing business processes, allowing you to conduct your business without disruption. System maintenance is very little to none. No server installation is required.

Our software enables your legacy database systems with pervasive functionality. Not only is it accessible from any device with a web browser and any phone, but customized software can be built on demand to meet your needs when you need it. Experience real time wireless access in the state of the art cloud and see rapid ROI.

Our suite of mobility software as services integrate into database systems. We also offer customized voice activated ecommerce SaaS. All at an affordable price.

Doing Business With Us
ZIOS is a Software Services Provider, charging monthly service and/or transactional fees for its services. We charge a monthly service fee for our voice activated mobility enterprise solutions. Our voice activated mobility ecommerce software as services are based on transactional fees. All are affordably priced. Training and high end support are also available.

ZIOS offers a complimentary 30 day trial for qualified companies. You can fill out a form using your voice with any phone personalized to meet your needs. What are you waiting for? It's time to get untethered. Ping us for the latest mobility devices and solutions.

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