Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please contact Sales at 215.988.ZIOS (215.988.9467) or via email at to see if your business qualifies for a free 30 day trial.

Zios software solutions, such as EsquireTimeBot®, encrypt your data using 64 to 448 bit key encryption algorithms on top of SSL. The data is sent in encrypted form to your desired recipient.

You can use any phone, including Voice over IP (VoIP).

Your information is not stored on the handheld device. ZIOS software is offered as a software as a service, over the cloud.

Yes, we have IT internships in training, support, sales, and marketing. Interested and talented individuals should send a cover letter and resume to:

Zios Corporation
211 North Camac Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Attn: Internships

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